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DLG-Feldtage 2014 - Agrifac Machinery BV and innovative crop sprayer

Agrifac Machinery in agrartechni-jobs
Agrifac Machinery BV on DLG-Feldtage 2014 with  the StabiloPlus chassis. Agrifac Condor has the right drop at the right spot, thanks to wheel sensors and GPS. The quality of crop care is becoming increasingly important.
Quelle: Agrifac Machinery BV, Steenwijk, Netherlands
Redaktion: M. Lorenzen, agrartechnik-jobs.de
The demand for food continues to rise and less agricultural land is available. The yields per hectare have to rise. Spray quality is the fact of the right drop reaching the right spot. To contribute to the increasing quality of crop care, Agrifac comes with its next innovative solution: actual application determination based on the actual speed, measured through GPS and wheel sensors.

StabiloPlus was developed for one purpose: self-propelled spraying. Just like its predecessors, the new Condor also boasts the unique StabiloPlus chassis. The basis for this chassis was laid more than 25 years ago. Specifically developed for self-propelled sprayers, this suspended chassis runs smoothly and effortlessly on all uneven surfaces. The Condor comes with individual pneumatic suspension as standard, which provides excellent driving comfort. StabiloPlus and the pneumatic suspension ensure that you have an extremely stable and comfortable sprayer, both on the road and in the field. A great benefit for the stability of the spray booms, both horizontal and vertical. The Condor has a stepless track width adjustment of 150-225 cm* as standard which can be adjusted via the EcoTronicPlus touchscreen. Ideal for farmers and contractors to apply to all crops and cultivations. StabiloPlus also assures an ideal weight distribution in all situations for optimal traction and the least possible ground pressure. Through its low weight and low centre of gravity, the sprayer can also maintain its standard high ground clearance of 125 cm during road transport. With a maximum speed of 50 km/h on the road (depending on national legislation), you keep the transport time to a minimum.

Optimisation application rate. Measuring the speed with wheel sensors was already standard at Agrifac. Now the speed is also measured with GPS. This combined gives a most accurate speed which is used to optimize the application rate. A solution which is called: "Brilliant Simple". Wet or hilly conditions Especially under wet or hilly circumstances this ofters a great advantage. Wheel spin negatively influences the application rate, over and under dosing takes place. With this innovation the right drop ends up at the right spot so that the spray quality is optimized and higher yields are achieved. Infos: Agata Michalak
Quelle: Agrifac Machinery BV, Steenwijk, Netherlands