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Solarworld erweitert Modulproduktionskapazität in Hillsboro, USA – 03.11.2014

SolarWorld AG, Hillsboro, USA -  in new-energy-jobs
new-energy-jobs.de / com:
SolarWorld AG, Hillsboro (USA), 10.2014: Der deutsche Solarstromkonzern SolarWorld AG baut an seinem Produktionsstandort in Hillsboro/Oregon seine Fertigung von Solarmodulen und hocheffizienten Zellen aus. Geplant ist die Erweiterung der US-Modulkapazitäten in einem ersten Schritt von 380 auf 530 Megawatt mit Erweiterungsoption auf 630 Megawatt.  „Die US-Kunden verlangen mehr und mehr nach Hocheffizienzmodulen und Langlebigkeit. Genau das was SolarWorld-Module Made in USA ausmacht“, so Dr.-Ing. E.h. Frank Asbeck, CEO und Vorstandsvorsitzender der SolarWorld AG.
SolarWorld announces expansions of solar panel and advanced cell production in Oregon.
“It is no secret that the last several years have been tough for SolarWorld and for U.S. solar manufacturers in general,” SolarWorld U.S. President Mukesh Dulani said. “However, thanks to a variety of factors, including our trade cases against China, difficult but necessary financial controls and a fantastic group of employees, we have turned the corner. Today’s announcement shows that SolarWorld is not only here to stay, but it also is ready to extend our leadership in the American solar manufacturing industry.”

Zusammen mit den Fertigungen des Solarkonzerns in Deutschland steigt die konzernweite Produktionskapazität für Solarmodule damit auf über 1.300 Megawatt.

Details of the announcements include:
•SolarWorld’s new line will increase annual solar-panel production capacity from 380 MW to 530 MW. The factory will remain the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. The company views this expansion as a stepping-stone to 630 MW capacity in the near future.
•SolarWorld will increase production capacity of its advanced-technology PERC (passivated emitter rear contact) photovoltaic cells from 335 MW to 435 MW. SolarWorld has led the world industry in industrializing PERC innovation, beginning with a $27 million investment in Hillsboro in 2012. With the expansion, the company will produce 60-cell mono-crystalline panels with power densities of 280 watts-peak and higher.
•As a result of these expansions, SolarWorld will add about 200 full-time jobs. Using the state of Oregon’s employment multiplier for manufacturing – the estimate of indirect jobs created for every new direct factory job – the expansions will result in an approximately 540 additional upstream and downstream jobs.
Quelle: SolarWorld AG / SolarWorld Hillsboro, Oregon /  new-energy-jobs