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Winergy - world's largest windpower gear - 10.000 kNm - WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 – 09.2016

Siemens AG - Winergy, Voerde: The 3.66-meter tall, 3.35-meter wide, 3.5 meter long, 46.7 tonne giant, at 10,000 kilonewton-metres (kNm) the world’s largest and highest-torque windpower gear unit, rolled through the large workshop door on a specially adapted low-loader right in time for the start of set-up work for the second WindEnergy show: the Winergy 8-megawatt offshore gear unit redefines the dimensions of drive technology for wind energy. "Reliability and quality are indispensable in the offshore sector in particular. Our 8 megawatt gear unit was developed to meet these requirements and helps tremendously to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for the wind turbine. With it we are once more demonstrating our technological expertise and innovative power and are pleased to present this development to the wider public in Hamburg,“ says Winergy CEO Aarnout Kant. ... read more - lmv-jobboerse - lmv-presse - Manfred Lorenzen, Soest
Siemens AG - Winergy, Voerde